Journalistic Mission

The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News aim to report the news of their communities accurately and fairly, and to foster the free flow of information, opinion and ideas. Their mission is to continue to be the leading public forums connecting the residents of the towns and villages they serve. Their work is guided by the conviction that local papers, whether printed or online, play a vital role in the effective functioning of a community. They hold local and state governments to account by monitoring and reporting on the use of tax dollars. They celebrate the achievements of local residents. Editorial columns and letters give readers the opportunity to voice opinions on a variety of platforms. The region’s hybrid communities of full-time and seasonal residents stand to benefit when voters make informed decisions. Indeed, reliable news and information are the very lifeblood of democracy.

Foundation Mission

The Lakeville Journal Foundation owns The Lakeville Journal LLC and is qualified to seek tax-deductible donations on its behalf to supplement revenue from advertising and other sources. Its status as a charitable organization bars explicit endorsements of candidates for public office, but imposes no other encumbrances on the journalistic enterprise.

The Foundation’s distinct mission is to ensure the financial, operational and editorial viability of The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News to serve their local communities.